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Schools are where our children dare to dream of their future. We all want our children to achieve those dreams. A high quality education is foundational for helping our students reach their full potential.


But some of our children feel invisible, alone, and unheard in their classrooms, and some politicians prefer to keep it that way, making do with outdated histories that do nothing to prepare our kids for the world they're about to enter. 

Communities from all parts of the globe exist in Ohio — it's what makes us a hub for innovation, and why so many astronauts and scientists have called Ohio home. We need an updated social studies curriculum that fully reflects Ohioans' backgrounds and histories. 


Educating for Ohio’s Future is a campaign advocating for that updated model curriculum through House Bill 171. The campaign includes a broad coalition of more than 40 organizations including the Ohio Education Association and Ohio Federation of Teachers and is led by OPAWL — Building AAPI Feminist Leadership, Honesty for Ohio Education, CAIR-Ohio, Young Latino Network, and The Freedom BLOC.

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